Swim Academy fees

Program   per Class per Term
Ducks Levels 1-4 (20 min) $16.50 $165.00
Pre-School Levels 1-3 (30 min) $17.50 $175.00
Swim and Survive Stages 1-6 (30 min) $17.50  $175.00
Swim and Survive Stages 7-9 (45 min) $18.50 $185.00
Private lesson (one child, 30 min) $60.00 $600.00
Junior Coaching Squad (once or twice a week) $12.75 $255.00
Adult Learn-to-Swim $18.50 $185.00
Adult Technique Improvement $18.50 $185.00



  • Advance payment of term fees required on enrolment to all swim academy programs.
  • Students will be issued a card which must be presented to reception for admission to each lesson.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before completing your enrolment.
  • Two adult spectators per student are admitted free of charge to supervise their child/children.
  • Siblings accompanying swimming students will not be charged entry unless they are swimming.
  • If parents of children aged over 10 years, or siblings accompanying students, would like to swim during lesson time they must pay the difference between the spectator fee and general entry fee.
  • Children aged under 5 years must be accompanied in the water and be at arms reach of an adult at all times while in the centre.
  • Children aged under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the centre.