Adult classes

We offer weekly adult classes to improve technique, or the basics of how to swim.

Programs align with school terms and have a maximum four participants for learn to swim classes and six for stroke improvement classes.

Sessions are offered weekday mornings, weekday evenings and weekends. Please contact the centre for class times and availability.

Note: If you are a group of four looking to start lessons together please email the Swim Academy to arrange a suitable class time.


Learn to Swim (30 minute class)

Small group classes for adults who have never learnt the basics of how to swim. Learn how to float, how to swim in deep water, how to do freestyle and how to do breaststroke. Once these concepts are mastered, you can move on to our Stroke Improvement class.

Stroke Improvement (30 minute class)

Small group classes for adults who know the basic principles of swimming and are looking for tips and tricks to improve technique. This class focuses on maximising stroke efficiency and developing a sound stroke.

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