Group fitness classes & timetable

 Group fitness classes are available for all ages and abilities. Join a Bold Park Aquatic group fitness class and start kicking your fitness goals today.


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8.30am Aqua Deep
 Aqua Deep Aqua Deep
 Aqua Deep Aqua Deep
9.30am  Aqua Fit  Aqua Fit
  Aqua Fit
 Aqua Fit  Aqua Deep (9am)

12.30pm  Strength for Life   Strength for Life   Strength for Life  
 1:45pm Strength for Life   Strength for Life       

 Aqua Fit

(45 mins)



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Aqua Deep 55 Minutes

Impact free to suit all fitness levels, from beginners to the very fit. Great for improving fitness, muscle tone and strength. Aqua Deep is conducted in deep water with aqua belts. Participants must be able to swim.

Aqua Fit 55 Minutes

Combines circuit, cardio, strength and Zumba. Designed to improve flexibility, strength and fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels, the class is held in shallow water so being able to swim is not necessary. 

Strength For Life™

This program has been re-branded from Living Longer Living Stronger and is an affordable, high quality strength training program for the over 50s. Endorsed by the Council on the Ageing, Strength for Life is designed to improve health, fitness and quality of life. Participants complete an individualised exercise program in a group session. A great opportunity to socialise while improving your health and well-being.

Please be aware in order to book an assessment with our trainers to commence the Strength for Life program, you must have clearance from your GP, who is required to complete the Doctor Referal Letter located in the information pack below.


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